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What is Ergonomics & Posture Training?

In a sitting or standing position, the stance is the position or carriage of the body. When seated at a machine workstation, it is very easy to get a poor stance. Even a healthy posture can lead to fatigue or pain when held for a long time.

Symptoms of Ergonomics & Posture Training

  • Poor joint alignment

  • General muscle/headaches

  • Increased shear forces within the spine affecting disc integrity

  • Compression of the disc and joint structures

  • Compression/reduced space for nerves to course through the body

  • Reduced blood flow to muscles resulting in increased fatigue

  • Overuse injuries

Physiotherapy Treatment for Ergonomics & Posture Training

We have all come under the additional workload and general life pressures notwithstanding the best intentions, where learning to maintain proper posture may be the last thing on our minds. Through stretching of joint and muscle tissue together with maintaining nerve mobility, physiotherapy may help promote regular alignment. Home fitness routines should be specially tailored to help you focus through any poor points that you might have, helping you get back to a proper position that you can achieve as soon as possible.

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