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What is Laser Therapy?

L.A.S.E.R. stands for Light Enhancement by Radiation Stimulated Emission. Laser therapy requires the application of low laser light intensity to alleviate discomfort caused by soft tissue injury. It facilitates the repair of tissues and recovers the natural function of cells. The "cold" laser therapy is the tool used in physiotherapy where the low levels of light are not enough to hold the tissue of the body. It is used for wound and pain relief by specialists. Compared to other types of laser treatment, such as those used to kill tumors and coagulate tissues, the amount of light is very limited.

Symptoms of Laser Therapy

  • Shrink or destroy tumors, polyps, or precancerous growths

  • Relieve symptoms of cancer

  • Remove kidney stones

  • Remove part of the prostate

  • Repair a detached retina

  • Improve vision

  • Treat hair loss resulting from alopecia or aging

  • Treat pain, including back nerve pain

Physiotherapy Treatment for Laser Therapy

LASER therapy is safe to use, effective and non-invasive. While you can feel your skin touching the laser unit, the treatment is painless. You'll feel no heat or vibration. It has many other benefits besides these, such as:

  • Faster wound healing. Laser Treatment also acts well on open wounds.
  • By reducing nerve sensitivity, it decreases aches and pains.
  • ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is improved by LASER, which accelerates the cell's repair process. Certain inflammation-enhancing molecules are decreased and protective antioxidants are increased.
  • The development of Fibrous/Scar tissue is decreased. In the body, it also increases vascular function.
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